Navien and Other Tankless Water Heater Installation in The San Gabriel Valley

tankless water heater

Navien Tankless On-Demand Instant Water Heaters

These new high efficient water heaters cost about $100 or so more than traditional big-tank water heaters, though lowered heating costs should pay for itself. Courtesy Plumbing knows which models in which different sizes comply with new State and local laws. If your current water heater is on the fritz, it may be time to consider a new Tankless Water Heater. Some brands to consider include Noritz, Takagi and Rheem. We prefer Navien. They are a solid brand with a great track record of performance at the right price.

If you are in the market for a new water heater and you have large hot water needs you might want to consider a tankless or flash water heater. These heaters only heat the water on demand as its needed, allowing your large family to have a hot shower. You could theoretically fill a 100 gallon Jacuzzi tub with hot water, something a 50 gallon traditional tank heater cannot promise.

Tankless Water Heaters use NO pilot light, the gas powered version uses electronic ignition so you will also save the gas normally used to keep a pilot running. Because of their small size and wall-mount ability, many homeowners opt to put them outside which allows the former hot water closet space to be turned in to an actual closet.

These super-efficient Tankless Water Heaters have been widely used in Japan for decades are safe and available for all applications. Saving California water resources and natural gas is an environmentally friendly idea and a tankless water heater in your home is a great way to stay green and to add value. Courtesy Plumbing can repair or replace traditional water heaters, but we strongly urge our friends in The San Gabriel Valley, to consider tankless water heaters .