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Water Filtration System

Pelican Whole House Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Courtesy Plumbing is an Authorized Dealer and Installer for Pelican Water Systems in The San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino County.

The groundbreaking new Pelican Water System and water conditioning Combo Series System is a SALT-FREE, ELECTRICTY-FREE replacement for the old unhealthy standard ion-exchange salt water softeners of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Isn’t it time you considered a better way to soften and improve your family’s water in your house?

Right now, your family is drinking, bathing in and cooking with water that is not only notoriously “hard” here in Southern California, but which contains more than those hardening minerals. Our area water contains Chlorine and/or Chloramine, Floride, Iron and Manganese, Silica, Bacteria, Lead, Nitrates, Sulfates and Arsenic. Not the most pleasant things to consider.

Our installed Pelican Water Systems remove the ability for Calcium and Magnesium (hardness minerals hugely abundant in our Colorado River and Aqueduct water sources) to bind or stick to plumbing, appliances, and you!


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Pelican is the only water system in the country with certified Third-Party testing certifications. The systems are ZERO maintenance and have a lifetime limited warranty. There is no need for lifting heavy bags salt and no damage to the ecosystem with salt discharge into the environment. Most interestingly, our system has ZERO energy requirement, no electricity is used.


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