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Sewer Pipe Bursting Repair

Sewer Pipe Bursting Repair

Trenchless sewer replacement is a great plumbing solution when sewer lines have heavy root intrusion, separations, offsets due to earthquake and seismic activity or fractures due to age. What we do is pull a new piece of flexible, fused pipe that has been made to run the length of the damaged sewer line. (See animation.) The new section of fused flexible pipe is pulled behind a mechanical head which is pulled by a hydraulic winch and cable. This bursts the old broken sewer line out of the way, and clears the path for the replacement pipe that then straightens out into the exact position of the old, broken pipe that it replaces. This system is called Pipe Burst or the Pipe Bursting Method. It works wonderfully and is an economical way to save on needed repairs.


Pipe Bursting Sewer Repairs

The best part about this plumbing procedure is that it eliminates the need to trench through lawns, landscaping, driveways or concrete slabs, hence the name Trenchless Sewer Replacement. Because there is very little digging and no trenching will save you time AND landscaping. In addition, Courtesy Plumbing is so confident about the method, we offer a Lifetime Warranty.


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