Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes That Can Lead to Disaster

Courtesy Plumbing

It's just a simple fix, right? Well, sometimes you could be biting off more than you can chew, especially when it comes to common DIY plumbing mistakes. We get it your in a hurry or are trying to save a few bucks by not hiring a professional plumber. The problem is you may end up doing more damage by attempting to fix it yourself instead of calling a professional plumber! Which could leave to more expensive repairs! Here are some common DIY plumbing mistakes that can lead to a plumbing disaster!

Treating Your Drains Like a Receptacle

A common misconception is that you can simply put anything down the drain and it will be fine. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Your plumbing system is designed to bring clean water in and remove waste water, water being the operative word! You wouldn’t believe the things we have seen put down the drain; toys, trash, plastic, glass, chemicals, large food particles, grease…..all of which can cause major obstructions and clogs. One of the main sources for a clogged pipe is the improper treatment of drains. Things that can become logged in your pipes will sit and collect other debris over time, leading to a large clog and backflow issues. Harsh chemicals can also eat away at your pipes causing leaks and damage. Plus you should always watch what you pour down the drain because everything eventually will end up in the ocean. Protect the integrity of your plumbing system, protect your pocketbook, and protect the environment by watching what you put down the drain.

Using The Wrong Tool for The Job

Part of being a professional plumber if you have been trained on the proper procedures and tools to use. A common DIY plumbing mistake is using the wrong tool for the job. Did you know that there is more than one type of plunger? There is a plunger made specifically to unclog sinks and a plunger made specifically to unclog toilets. There are also different types of snakes. You might not know this if you are not a professional plumber and could find yourself using the wrong tool leading to a more time-consuming task and more frustration.

Forgetting How Things Go Back Together

You spent hours taking something apart and hours trying to fix the problem now its time to put it all back together. This is one of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes. A properly trained professional plumber is trained and familiar with how plumbing fixtures work and go together. As a novice, you may find out that you got more than you bargained for when it comes time to put everything back together. Failure to put everything back together correctly could lead to a bigger problem. If you are facing a complicated plumbing repair, do yourself a favor and contact a professional plumber.