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The Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

Courtesy Plumbing

The benefits of a sewer camera inspection far outweigh the cost of a sewer camera inspection. In fact, a sewer camera inspection can actually save you money in the long term. As a homeowner or prospective homeowner knowing what is going on in your pipes vs. speculating what is going on is worth its weight in gold. Here are some of the benefits of a sewer camera inspection.

One of the biggest benefits of a sewer camera inspection is that it takes out a lot of the guesswork. Before sewer camera inspection was available it required a lot of blind digging and assumption. Now with a sewer camera inspection, you can see exactly where and what the problem is, alleviating the need to dig up an entire yard just to pinpoint a problem.

Another benefit of a sewer camera inspection is it can help identify a multiple of plumbing problems from root damage, old damaged pipes, clogs, and leaks. This way you can know how little or big the problem actually is.

Sewer cameras can also travel in hard to reach areas, yet another benefit of a sewer camera inspection. With a sewer camera inspection, you can view hard to reach areas like pipes that are underground, under cement, or under a home's foundation.

Many times customers wait until they have a plumbing problem to have a sewer camera inspection performed, however, the benefits of a sewer camera inspection can also help under these circumstances:

  • Routine maintenance- a sewer camera inspection is always a good idea for routine preventive plumbing maintenance. Preventive care is the best solution for preventing plumbing disasters. You get the oil changed on your car as preventative care, why not maintain your plumbing system as well? Could prevent some lofty expenses later.
  • Purchasing a home – a benefit of a sewer camera inspection when buying a home is it helps you make an educated decision. Your home inspector may recommend you get a sewer camera inspection. Always head this advice, as it could give you more buying power or allow you to sidestep a bad situation altogether.
  • Remodel – when performing a remodel that requires some plumbing work there is a great benefit to a sewer camera inspection. Anytime a remodel involves a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room it is wise to have a sewer camera inspection done to make sure that there is adequate plumbing in place to handle the flow of more water.
  • Lost items- on rare occasions a sewer camera inspection may also be done to locate lost items such as jewelry, other valuables, toys, or other lost items.

To learn more about the benefits of sewer camera inspection or to schedule your sewer camera inspection visit us here.