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How To Avoid Some of The Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

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As a homeowner, you may try to save money here and there on the upkeep and maintenance of your home by doing a little DIY. Hey, we get it, home ownership is a big investment and when you own your own home you're responsible for the upkeep you can’t just call the landlord. When something goes wrong it's totally understandable to want to save a little money on repairs. However, there are certain instances where you really should reconsider. Often times a DIY job can lead to a huge plumbing mistake causing more damage, more money, and more headache. Sometimes in order to avoid a plumbing mistake, you should just call a professional plumber and get the job done right the first time. Here are some of the most common plumbing mistakes.

Mistreating your garbage disposal

Mistreating your garbage disposal is one of the most common plumbing mistakes. A garbage disposal is not a trash can and therefore should not be treated as such. Never put plastic, glass, bone, large food particles, fibrous food particles, chemicals, grease, or any other trash down the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal is designed to break up small food particles, not compact your trash. It's important to watch what goes down the drain to avoid jams, clogs, and overworking your garbage disposal.

Using liquid drain cleaner

The misuse of liquid drain cleaners is another really common plumbing mistake. Liquid drain cleaners are made of heavy duty chemicals that are not only dangerous to humans but can also harm your plumbing fixtures when used too often. Whenever using dangerous chemicals like liquid drain cleaners you need to think about safety procedures; are you wearing proper attire like safety goggles and gloves? Is the area properly ventilated? You should also consider your plumbing system; are you on a septic system? The chemicals in drain cleaners can have a negative impact on the natural flora that helps maintain and breakdown waste in your septic system, leading to even more plumbing problems. Aside from the risks, if you find yourself using liquid drain cleaner frequently, then you already have a bigger plumbing problem that isn’t getting repaired correctly. Your wasting money and causing more damage by not hiring a professional plumber to fix it right the first time.

Using the wrong tool

Another common plumbing mistake is using the wrong tool for the job. See plumbing is not a one shoe fits all type of system. There are different types of pipes made of different types of materials. There are different tools for different jobs. Did you know there are plungers made to unclog toilets and plungers made to unclog sinks? There are also different types of snakes with different lengths and gauges made for different types of jobs. That’s why if you are unsure you should always hire a professional plumber to avoid a common plumbing mistake.

Attempting a job that is too big

Sometimes we all get in over our head which is another common plumbing mistake. On the surface, the job may seem simple, but once you get started you may find that there was a lot more involved than you thought. Using the wrong tools, purchasing the wrong supplies, and simply not knowing what you are doing can lead to a hodgepodge job, and it will show. If you get in over your head there is still time to call a professional plumber.