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Avoid Plumbing Problems with These Plumbing Tips

Courtesy Plumbing

We always touch on the importance of preventative maintenance in order to avoid plumbing problems, and for a good reason. Forming good habits when it comes to your plumbing system is a good way to not only avoid major plumbing problems, but also protect the environment, your health, and save you money. Not to mention provide you with some peace of mind knowing that everything is in proper working order. While not all plumbing problems can be avoided, most can by following these simple plumbing tips.

#1 Watch What Goes Down the Drain

This sounds so simple but really it can make a huge difference in avoiding a plumbing problem. Remember that just because it called a garbage disposal does not mean it should be treated as a receptacle. Avoid putting trash, grease, chemicals, large food particles, bones, plastic, glass, etc.. down the drain. Investing in small drain screens can help prevent free radicals from invading your drains and causing a major plumbing problem.

#2 Drain Cleaning

Routine drain cleaning is a great way to avoid plumbing problems. Over time drains can collect sediments and other debris that can cause a clog if not properly attended to. A good way to prevent a major clog is to have your drains cleaned on a regular basis. Proactive drain cleaning is the best defense against a major plumbing problem, never wait until you have a serious clog to deal with the problem. Things only get more expensive and hectic the longer you wait.

#3 Be on The Lookout for Leaks

Leak detection is another important plumbing tips that can help you avoid plumbing problems in the feature. Over time leaks can really add up, not only causing damage but also raising your water bill. Leaks naturally occur from normal wear and tear and can usually be fixed relatively easily and affordably if caught early on. Check for leaks under the sinks and behind toilets. Check gaskets and seals for any wear and tear. Another common place for leaks is the hose that supplies water to your major appliances, over time these can break down and will need to be replaced. It's better to replace them at the first sign of a breakdown then waiting for a major plumbing problem.

#4 Take it Easy

Another plumbing tips to help you prevent a plumbing problem is to take it easy on your plumbing fixtures. Sometimes we may underestimate our strength and apply too much force for faucets for example. This can the internal parts to wear out faster leading to leaks and inefficiency. So remember to take it easy on your plumbing fixtures. If you find yourself needing to use excessive force to turn off a faucet you may have a corrosion problem, and this should be looked at.

#5 Stay In Tune

Many plumbing problems have warning signs, that if you are in tune with you can detect them before there is a major threat. Learn to listen for any sounds that may seem off like drips or rushing water. Watch out for any strange smells, like sewage, mold, or dirt. And you should pay attention to your water pressure. Any discrepancy could be a sign that a plumbing problem exists and should be attended to right away before the problem gets bigger.

For more plumbing tips on how to avoid plumbing problems contact Courtesy Plumbing today!