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Covina Copper & PEX Repipes

Quality Pipe Materials for Your West Covina or San Gabriel Valley Home

Older homes often have galvanized pipe, which tends to corrode over time. We routinely cut out and replace pieces of galvanized pipe that are in poor condition. If the problem is widespread, replacing sections of the pipe is not enough to solve the problem. 

When it is time to replace the pipes in your entire home, call Courtesy Plumbing. We offer PEX and copper repipes in Covina, Pomona, Duarte, Claremont, Montclair, La Verne, West Covina, and the San Gabriel Valley.

If you suspect that your pipes need a replacement, call (626) 774-7167 for a free Covina repiping estimate


The Right Material for Your New Pipes

When replacing an old galvanized pipe, our Covina plumbers offer options that include two of the best materials for piping, PEX and copper.

The Benefits & Features of PEX & Copper Piping Are as Follows:

  • PEX – A flexible pipe material, PEX is a preferred choice by many homeowners due to its resistance to breaking during extreme cold weather. PEX is also significantly more affordable than copper and can be used for both hot and cold water.
  • Copper – The gold standard of plumbing pipes, copper is the only material that comes with a 50-year manufacturer warranty. Copper not only looks good for both exterior and interior applications, but it is also resistant to bacteria growth and fire.

Our plumbing team in Covina is happy to provide a free estimate for the cost of each type of piping and help you choose the best material to fit your needs and work with your budget. For your convenience, we have payment plans available for large plumbing jobs.

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Replacing Galvanized Pipes

Chemical reactions occur between the water and galvanized pipe over time, which causes hard water and rust buildup inside the pipes and contributes to corrosion. As the years go on, this chemical reaction weakens and corrodes the pipe material, causing the pipes to spring leaks. There are some signs that suggest it may be time to replace your pipes.

It May Be Time to Replace Your Galvanized Pipes If:

  • You can’t run two faucets at the same time
  • The water pressure is low
  • The shower goes from hot to cold
  • The water is orange or rusty
  • You have frequent pipe leaks

When your pipes are in poor condition and you are frequently dealing with leaks, it makes more sense to replace the pipes than to continue dealing with leaks. In addition to wasting money on constant repairs, leaky pipes can cause mold growth and damage to your home. We offer whole-house repiping in Covina and surrounding areas using quality materials, including PEX and copper pipes.

If you have noticed any of the signs that you need repiping in Covina, call (626) 774-7167 and we'll inspect your pipes right away.


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